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Cloth diapers are extremely economical and will save thrifty families a ton of money from infancy through potty training. In general, over the course of two and a half to three years, cloth diapers save the average family approximately $1000! With additional children, the cost savings will grow exponentially. To view some analysis of common disposable diapers to cloth reusable diapers, click here >

Why use the Lucky Baby? My company is small and mother-owned. I want to share the high-quality products that our family grew to love. These diapers truly did save us a lot of money in tough times. Although we did use disposables on some occassions - baby sitters, travels, etc., we did save hundreds of pounds of diapers from making it to the local landfills. For all of the facts on cloth diapers, click here >

If there are ever any products that you are interested in purchasing, but do not see on our website, please give me a call at 262-339-8975 or contact me here >

At the Lucky Baby, we have selected some of the highest quality cloth diapering products available on the market today. Companies such as Cotton Babies, Bottombumpers, Tiny Tush, Little Love Buns, FuzziBunz, and iPlay produce the popular brands such as bumGenius, Elemental, and Flip. All of the products sold by the Lucky Baby are listed at the lowest possible prices that we are allowed to list them at. Our shipping prices are always free with orders over $75 and $5.95 for any order $75 and less. Occassionally we will offer special discounts that will be listed on our home page, Twitter feeds, Facebook feeds, and News blog pages.

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